The final days of the road trip

And now I need a few weeks to recover
  1. We had dinner one night in Memphis at the Hard Rock Cafe
  2. I thought the chandelier seemed out of place
  3. This is my brother and my hubby enjoying a drink at the Hard Rock Cafe
  4. We went on a more serious visit to see the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was killed and the accompanying National Civil Rights Museum
  5. This is the Lorraine Motel sign with the building in the back where James Earl Ray aimed at MLKJr.
  6. The wreath hangs on the balcony outside room 306 where he was standing
  7. The civil rights Museum continues across the street in the building where James Earl Ray was positioned.
  8. Such a sad part of the 1960s when people who supported nonviolence were shot by deranged men who opposed them
  9. Back to the frivolity- a visit to Graceland. For some reason I kept calling it Grassland!
  10. He sure was a good looking guy!
  11. Here is one of his gold records, but...
  12. You can see he has plenty more where that came from!
  13. Lots of memorabilia from his movies
  14. When he was in the service
  15. Elvis' grave
  16. We drive on to Arkansas
  17. Visited the Clinton Presidential Library
  18. The first thing inside is a presidential limousine
  19. This is a replica of the Cabinet Room in the White House. Each chair has the occupant's title on it such as Secretary of State. Cabinet members may keep their chairs as long as they buy a new one for their replacement.
  20. Bill ran for office back in high school
  21. He was the youngest governor in the USA
  22. I liked the library layout. There are chronological exhibits beginning with the inauguration. There are also exhibits with specific foci such as the economy or healthcare. And then there is a section on his early years.
  23. The daily presidential schedules are displayed in binders corresponding to the year of the exhibit
  24. They were easy to read and very detailed
  25. This exhibit from 1995 focused on environmental issues.
  26. 1999 saw acquittal from impeachment
  27. An exhibit focused on the vice- president
  28. This one was about economic gains
  29. Looking at the economy through the lens of deficit reduction
  30. Scattered throughout the library were letters people wrote to the president, speeches, and Bill's handwritten changes to the speeches
  31. Focus on diversity
  32. Focus on the Family Medical Leave act. It's a start but I believe we need to do better for new parents in the USA
  33. Clinton noted the increase in "politics of personal destruction" that unfortunately continues through today
  34. And bogus time-consuming investigations that have no basis in reality. These actions by the Republican Party have resulted in government shutdowns, increased distrust of Congress, and damage to our reputation throughout the world. This is what eventually led to Donald Trump representing the Republican Party.
  35. On a lighter note, there is also an interesting exhibit of Easter eggs...
  36. And samples of White House Christmas decorations
  37. And Hillary's gown from a state dinner. Will Hillary's Presidential Library (if she wins) have Bill's tux from a state dinner?
  38. Gifts received by Bill
  39. And a lovely Chihuly glass sculpture because...?!?!??
    We loved seeing it because my brother is a collector
  40. There was a temporary exhibit about American Olympic athletes. This is the entire team from 1996.
  41. On the (rather small) plane ride home I got a good look at the cockpit. We had a pregnant female pilot which for some reason made me happy. We also had a charming flight attendant named Charity. Both my husband and I thought she might be pregnant, too.
  42. Home sweet home with one of my cats, Rochester. I miss the kitties and dog so much when we leave. I think probably to an unhealthy level! Can't change what's deep inside.
  43. If you actually read this entire list I thank you deeply and sincerely 💜💚💙