My husband likes to reminisce about this. None actually have recipes except the sweets.
  1. Baked lasagne
    The ricotta filling is very important. Also needs homemade sauce and a sausage-ground beef mixture. Always serve with garlic bread and salad.
  2. Baked ziti
    Tastes almost as good as lasagne but easier to make.
  3. Chicken parmigiana with spaghetti
    I am not Italian but grew up in a town that was mostly Italian. My neighborhood was closer to 90%.
  4. Chicken cordon bleu
    Mom taught me this one. The others I learned from neighborhood friends, their moms, and their grandmas. Serve with green beans, rice, and corn. There must always be at least two vegetables of different colors.
  5. Pie
    Apple, pumpkin, cherry, coconut creme, chocolate creme, peach
  6. Cake
    Cheesecake, chocolate layer, carrot, and pound cake
  7. Christmas cookies - I still make these
    Butter (plain, frosted, sugar, and sprinkle-topped), chocolate-filled thumbprint, tea cake, Santa snacks, Christmas bark, macaroons.
  8. Thank you anyone who read my list. ⭐️💛
  9. PS - I'm hungry.