We are leaving on a cruise on December 31 and returning January 21. There's not really enough time to put up a tree and then take it back down so quickly.
  1. First I was a little sad but then I realized I don't need a tree to be celebrating the spirit of Christmas
    This is my tree from last year. Look closely. Have you ever seen a tree so densely decorated? Every square inch of the tree has ornaments. There are no themes. We have ornaments that we gave to each other, some that our daughter and grandkids have made for us, and some that we bought when we traveled. We love this tree. But if we can't do it right we are just going to wait until next year to put it up.
  2. Yesterday I had fun wrapping the little packages for my secret Santa recipient. My husband took them to the UPS store and it's supposed to arrive on Friday. I'm so excited and hopeful that my secret Santa recipient will like what I selected for her. I had so much fun with that.
  3. Did a little decorating today but not too much. Tis the season ❤️️🎄💚🎅🏼