1. I am grateful that my friends from list and my niece are all OK so far in the hurricane. I was worried about all of them, and it's so gratifying to learn they are not in trouble at this time
  2. Yesterday we saw our good friends and their two young boys.
    We hung out in their yard while the boys played with water balloons and yard toys. I am so grateful to be friends with this beautiful family. This picture is of sort-of Grandma Bear with sort-of Grandson Bear. I am not their grandma. They have two wonderful grandmas but they live in other states. The last time I visited, this little guy's older brother said that I was sort of like his grandma. It melted my heart. He didn't want to be in the picture though.
  3. I am grateful I can still walk.
    I have weak legs, chronic neurologic pain, and other symptoms in my legs, but I can walk about 30 feet and climb up about six steps depending how steep they are. Some people can't walk at all and I I am grateful for every step that I can take.