Inspired by @gagneet
  1. Handkerchiefs, ironed and folded
  2. Three sets of clothes - school, play, and church
  3. White cotton slips underneath dresses
  4. Ruffled white anklets for church
  5. Black patent leather shoes in the winter and white ones from Easter through Labor Day
  6. Wearing hats and gloves to church, white or black gloves based on shoes. Hats to match coat.
  7. Red rubber galoshes with your name inside the top and held together in the coat closet by a clothespin, also with your name, to distinguish yours from every other kid with the same boots
  8. Addressing all my friend's parents as Mr. and Mrs.
  9. Quarters for the Sunday School collection plate
  10. T-strap Mary Jane sandals
  11. Puffed sleeves and Peter Pan collars
  12. Hanging clothes on the line and taking them in before the mosquitoes came out at dusk in the summer. Making sure they wouldn't freeze in the winter
  13. No fitted sheets
  14. No fabric softener
  15. Ironing everything but no steam irons
  16. Pin curls
  17. Showers on Saturday
  18. No hair conditioner
  19. Getting a little begonia plant from Sunday School each Easter.
    We had begonias on every windowsill, all thriving. My mom said because they came from church
  20. Grace before meals and bedtime prayers