1. My single childless brother is going to visit our older brother and his wife and 23-year-old daughter (my niece) in New Jersey for Christmas.
  2. So the Colorado family won't see him for Christmas.
  3. We are going to celebrate tomorrow at my daughter's and son-in-law's to exchange our gifts with one another and our grandchildren, his great nieces.
  4. This will be really good for my husband and me because we can give our grandkids half their gifts tomorrow and half on Christmas.
  5. Then we won't get in as much trouble with our daughter for giving them too much!
  6. This is our stack of gifts for our two grandchildren for tomorrow. This doesn't include the gifts for our daughter or my brother. We are giving our daughter and son-in-law half their gifts tomorrow, too.
  7. Of course my brother gets all of his because he's leaving for his place in NYC on the 20th.
  8. I love this two day plan even if it hasn't happened yet!