Just being there. It isn't necessary to do anything.
  1. The fresh air inspires me to take slow deep breaths
    Just a few breaths outside brings me as much peace as meditating for ten minutes inside. I say ten minutes because I rarely meditate longer than that inside or outside. I'm not actually timing it of course, just guessing.
  2. I connect to my spiritual side.
    It's so much closer to heaven out there.
  3. My problems and worries subside.
    Especially out here on the high plains. I lived most of my life on the east coast close to the beach. The beach always gave me a sense of smallness. On the plains even in a city you can always see beyond where you are. It always brings on a Carl Sagan "Blue Dot" experience. And then there are those majestic Rocky Mountains on the western horizon!
  4. The sounds are so beautiful.
    Birds singing to each other, doggies barking, kids playing. Even the traffic sounds okay if your not driving in it. People going to and from work and school, going to work out, eat out, have fun somewhere. I like the sound of the trees rustling my flag flapping on its pole.
  5. I like to see the planes overhead. I missed them a lot in the first few weeks after 9/11.
    Remembering travels, family coming to visit. Wondering about whose up there, where are they headed, who's waiting for them there.
  6. It smells so good outside.
    Fresh air, grass freshly cut, flowers, food grilling, wood-burning stoves, pine trees
  7. Thank you to anyone who read my list! 💛🌟