1. Warm days and cooler nights
    Knowing I have a few more weeks to have lunch outside or sit on the porch after dinner with my husband before we have to say goodbye to another summer
  2. Children's laughter on their way home from the school bus stop
    It's scattered in the summer but once school is back I love the predictable concentrated burst of young voices, running feet and laughter as the kids walk home from the bus and their little brothers and sisters shout greetings from the porch or driveway
  3. A scenic drive to the Rocky Mountains to witness the aspen gold against the dark green pines
    We usually head west from Denver through Clear Creek Canyon and then north on 119 to Peak-to-Peak Highway from Blackhawk to Estes Park. Sometimes we spend a few days in Estes Park and drive through Rocky Mountain National Park on the same visit
  4. Elk bugling usually starts at the end of September
    Another reason to drive up to Estes Park! I love wildlife and the outdoors and these are things I can still enjoy despite my disabilities. Now that I am retired my husband and I can go during the week, avoiding the weekend crowds and festivals that frequent this Rocky Mountain National Park eastern gateway town.
  5. It's a good time of year for reflection
    Throughout childhood and then later as a teacher and director of a university respiratory therapy program, September meant new beginnings. So I often look back at this time of year and set goals for the upcoming months. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions but I do achieve the goals I set. I just don't make very many and they are usually small.
  6. Appreciating more deeply the smell of freshly-mowed grass and the buzzing and clanging of garden tools because they are going to disappear soon
  7. The end of baseball season when games matter so much for some teams and so little for others. Fans begin checking standings and games-back every day.
    If you're a fan of the New York Mets and Colorado Rockies like me then you just shake your head, shrug your shoulders, and root against their rivals in the playoffs. It's hard to be a Mets and Rockies fan. They always dangle a carrot but in the end it gets scooped up by someone else every year.
  8. And the start of NFL football!
    Fortunately, my football teams, the NY Giants and Denver Broncos do better than my baseball teams
  9. The great produce still available at the farmers' market
    Cucumbers, green beans, sweet corn, pears, raspberries, tomatoes, and it's apple-picking time!
  10. But realizing some produce isn't there anymore or its slim-pickin's
    Broccoli, cauliflower, peaches and cherries. So the harvest will end soon
  11. Putting away the summer house flags and taking out the ones for fall
    Somehow house flags with pictures of beach towels, watermelon and lemonade don't feel right once school starts even if it is still summer and full of sunshine
  12. Back-to-school photos of children and grandkids on social media
    With backpacks and colorful sneakers as they start the new grade. This means of course, new classes, new teachers, new schedules and even new schools. The whole family has to readjust to the regimentation of school.
  13. It's a time that signifies change with its melancholy and hopefulness
    When we close one chapter and open another it always allows for a new approach. I like September and I realized it while writing this li.st! Thank you for the request Solena!