1. β€’
    Our wedding song was Three Times a Lady by the Commodores.
    To this day we share a kiss and dance whenever we hear it.
  2. β€’
    "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey
    The very last song our DJ played at our wedding. Only our closest friends and family were still there, and they all gathered into a circle on the dance floor and danced and sang along. It felt like a movie scene and was the perfect send off moment πŸ’•
    Suggested by Β  @silverwolf634
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    Wedding song was the Way You Look Tonight by Tony Bennett
    Suggested by Β  @karlalucia
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    You are the best thing
    Is my song with my boyfriend πŸ’™πŸ’™
    Suggested by Β  @karlalucia
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    Green Eyes by Coldplay
    My husband picked it for our first dance. I have green eyes but also he said the lyrics reminded him of me/us. Never heard it before as a first dance so I thought it was special
    Suggested by Β  @jennifer1482
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    Our first dance song was "It's You" by Annie Stela
    https://youtu.be/0kfhCFZHDHk - it has been our song for a while. Not sure where I found out about it but it is not well known which keeps it special!
    Suggested by Β  @macnchz
  7. β€’
    Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin
    Years later I heard she wrote it about her dog.
    Suggested by Β  @amieshmamie
  8. β€’
    "Blue Eyes" by Cary Brothers
    Someday someone will feel this way about me!
    Suggested by Β  @kate81
  9. β€’
    The Promise by Tracy Chapman
    Suggested by Β  @ilovelucy
  10. β€’
    Stay with Me - John Legend
    I actually stopped listening to it because I didn't want to ever get sick of it. Hope I get to hear it on my wedding someday.
    Suggested by Β  @Boogie
  11. β€’
    Roll On by Kid Rock
    Can't explain how perfect this was as our wedding song. Hubby picked it out - he was very confident about it βœŠπŸΌπŸ’πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
    Suggested by Β  @NicoleO
  12. β€’
    Cat Power's cover of Sea of Love
    It's short, simple, and sweet.
    Suggested by Β  @gagneet
  13. β€’
    Budapest by George Ezra
    I'm not married but it's a beautiful song. I'd love for it to be played during the first dance.
    Suggested by Β  @beckwiththebadhair
  14. β€’
    Peter Gabriel's cover of "The Book of Love" was our wedding song. It was a good one.
    It has a beautiful chorus.
    Suggested by Β  @awrinkleintime
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    Bodeans' "Good Things" was our first dance. A friend sang the Beatles' "In My Life" during the ceremony and we walked back up the aisle to Lick the Tins' cover of "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You."
    Suggested by Β  @readjulia
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    Sail Away by David Gray is 'our song'~he invited me over and cooked me dinner on our second date (first was a double date in a loud bar!) He had the CD playing and that song came on during a kiss, and has been sentimental to us ever since!
    Suggested by Β  @cvlop61
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    When my first husband and I got married, we walked back down the aisle to "Peter's Theme" from Peter and the Wolf. It's an upbeat, triumphant song and I was proud of my unique choice. Our first dance song was "Through the Eyes of Love" by Melissa Manchester. It's better known as the Theme from Ice Castles. You go, Robby Benson!
    Suggested by Β  @Dashelamet
  18. β€’
    At Last - Etta James
    wedding dance song.
    Suggested by Β  @jessicaz
  19. β€’
    M. Ward's cover of David Bowie's Let's Dance
    https://youtu.be/mbxQ9bvdZgU We both loved his slow take on this classic, it was perfect for our song. The only other song I made a special point of playing early on was The Girl From Ipanema so that I could dance with my husband's grandpa to it. Our reception ruled and we stayed to the very end!
    Suggested by Β  @shash