These are some of the cruises I have enjoyed: Cruises I have taken
  1. You only have to unpack once
  2. You can see many places in a short period of time
    Or go for a month like we did in Asia
  3. When you're in port you can take organized tours or go off on your own
  4. There is a broad selection of room/suite types and prices
  5. Most things are included in the price
  6. The food is great and there are many options
    I have celiac disease and multiple allergies yet they still provide me with excellent choices and my food tastes as good as everyone else's
  7. There are things to do if you like organized activities or you can hang out by yourself on your private balcony, or in one of the many common areas
    Some are quiet and others are bustling with activity and people
  8. This spa services!
    Massages, facials, mani-pedi, hair stylists, saunas, aroma therapy! They have it all. This is how I spend my days at sea
  9. All ages, multicultural, awesome child programs
  10. Places I probably would never have been to
  11. Work out areas with lots of equipment
  12. We're heading to South America on New Years Eve!
    We'll be in the air at midnight heading to Rio!
  13. Consider a river cruise too. We did Russia a few years ago.
    Suggested by @ladaisy01
  14. Pizza and ice cream all of the time!
    Suggested by @bwlange