We had a 200 foot buffer of lightly wooded uplands between our screened-in back porch and a lake. My husband placed 2 large bird feeders back there. Of course we saw birds but lots of critters like birdseed!
  1. The best sighting was a fleeting glimpse of a Florida panther in broad daylight. He was large and majestic.
  2. Red foxes came regularly. As dusk set in they were often first.
  3. Raccoons were also common. Once a mama came with four babies. A noise scared them and all five ran up the trees and velcroed themselves there for about five minutes until mama gave the all clear.
  4. About twice a week we'd see an opossum. Not my favorite but certainly happy to see them anyway.
  5. We saw an owl once. He was very large. He sat on top of the bird feeder but didn't eat. Then for no apparent reason did that owl-head-turning thing they do.
  6. Florida has dozens of excellent birds. My favorites in the back were the Sandhills cranes.
  7. I didn't like the alligators or snakes but they were around, too.
  8. And of course where there's a bird feeder there are squirrels.
    They are a little scrawny in Florida.
  9. So almost every evening at dusk we would sit out back on our back porch and watch the sunset on the lake and the activity at the bird feeders.
  10. I do miss that.