1. I am incredibly grateful for my family and friends, especially my husband, daughter, and grandchildren
  2. My cute little Australian Shepherd and 2 adorable kitties
  3. My wonderful home adapted to my needs with a ranch style floor plan, chairlift to the basement, fenced in yard, lovely porch with an outdoor fireplace, and my own personal therapy tub
  4. I'm thankful for being close emotionally and geographically to my daughter's in-laws so she and her family don't have to rotate between us for holidays. We all just get together as one big family.
  5. I am grateful we receive Social Security, Medicare, and disability benefits. My 72-year-old husband and I could not survive without them.
  6. I am thankful for having so much media to choose from now that I am disabled. I have so many more choices than the disabled of previous generations had. With cable television, Netflix, Amazon, e-books, e-magazines, iTunes, and social media I can connect with people and/or be entertained 24-7 just using my television, laptop, tablet and smart phone
  7. I am grateful for my moral compass and spirituality that guides me through both good times and bad.
  8. And of coarse my friends from Li.st, I am extremely grateful for every one of you. You provide me with happiness and support every day that I don't find anywhere else.
    Shouting with delight and excitement over my first Thanksgiving with Li.st!!!