We all know we have them!!!
  1. Chocolate - That's a given. 🍫
  2. Shopping - Amazon!!!! 💰
  3. Vacation!!! Just getting away for a few days to a week is so refreshing! 🏖
  4. Singing - Very loudly in the car when I think no one is watching!!! 🎤
  5. Baking - Pretending I am on a Baking Show when I am home alone!! 🍰
  6. YouTube Videos - Doesn't matter what clip I enjoy seeing how far I can go from the first one I watch.
  7. Reality TV Shows - Most of them I can't stand but I love seeing how others live and act!! 📺
  8. Babies - If I see a baby in public I turn to mush. I can't stop smiling and imaging how their life will turn out!!! 🚼
  9. Cleaning - My husband says it looks like no one lives in our house!!! 🏡