Drawings in 4.5yr old's backpack

"I did too many drawings in the cafeteria today."
  1. "Rainbow monster. It's not a croissant because the curve is not right for it."
  2. "It's a –what's the caterpillar thing with a lot of legs called?– don't say it! It's a millipede! Count the legs."
  3. "A pattern. I'll finish it at home, but this is the beginning of a pattern."
  4. "I was trying to do All The Colors Of Busytown, but the brown was wrong."
  5. "These are All The Colors Of Busytown. On. My. HANDS!"
  6. "Another rainbow monster. Rarrrrrrr!"
  7. "I love mommy and daddy, it says. Because I love you guys."
  8. "I colored this bear and his puppy."