So much earth to walk. Gotta get to it.
  1. West Coast Trail
    BC, Canada. 47 miles one way. Ladders, beaches, bluffs, cable cars, black bears, gray whales...
  2. Te Araroa Trail
    300km from north of New Zealand to the south. A lifetime must!
  3. Lost Coast Trail
    53 miles timing tides on the CA coast.
  4. Wonderland Trail
    93 mile loop around Mt. Rainier. Supposedly it's like Eden during the wildflower bloom.
  5. Tonquin Valley
    In Jasper National Park (my son's namesake). Want to check out Amethyst Lakes on the 27 mile one way trek from Maccarib Trail to Astoria River Trail.
  6. Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
    44 miles round trip. Late spring or early fall one year.
  7. Royal Trek
    Annapurna region in Nepal. 24 miles. Really want to experience the culture here.
  8. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
    Jago River to Aichilik River in the Romanzof Mountains, Alaska.
  9. John Muir Trail. Again
    Most beautiful 226 miles I've ever seen. Can't wait to share it with my kids someday.
  10. Torres del Paine Circuit
    52 miles through Chilean Patagonia. Wild flowers. Wild guanacos.