Not counting anything from TCW or the movies, in no particular order.
  1. Palpatine and Vader cutting loose in Lords of the Sith
    Because there's not much better than seeing the two most powerful people in the galaxy in their prime.
  2. Showdown on Raxus in Dark Disciple
    Lots of fun seeing Quinlan and Ventress go up against the Separatist heavies.
  3. Exploration of Tarkin's backstory in Tarkin.
    Cool in a very different way, shining light on to a classic character.
  4. Everyone getting lightsabers in Star Wars Issue 12
    Read it for yourself. Very crowd pleasing moment.
  5. The entirety of Soule and Maleev's Lando.
    Because Lando is the coolest cat around, you dig?
  6. Depa Billaba stopping a detonating bomb in Kanan.
    Small moment, but a really nifty application of the Force.
  7. Vader Down
    Hard to pick a particular moment, but Vader in space is hard to top. Maybe his declaration at the end of the first issue.