This is why I turned to music...
  1. Attacked by entire tee ball team
    Tried to catch a ball while playing left field, my entire team chased me down and dog piled on top of me. I vaguely remember one kid biting my leg. The coach called us all over to the dug out and said..." Guys, I am not a happy camper"
  2. Peed my pants during a tee ball game
    It was a long inning and I was way out in the outfield. Couldn't hold it. After the inning me and my dad got in the car and went straight home.
  3. The 2nd string incident of 01
    After hearing complaints that the 2nd string players weren't getting enough playing time, our coach put all of us in for the entire 2nd quarter and let the opposing team run the score up by 20 or so points. Then he brought us all in the locker room and yelled at us for halftime. Lesson learned coach Parks!