Among many things we all loved about one of the best soaps ever was the post-credits, where we learned what early 00s band to credit for that LIFE-CHANGING TRACK we just heard. Some bands that never got their due, because they don't exist (I think):
  1. The Virginia Woolfs
  2. Den Mother Dog Fight
  3. BetaMale
  4. The 1-2-3 Experiment
  5. Binary Allegory
  6. The Dippin' Dots
  7. Split Infinitive
  8. Crybaby
  9. No Sleep 'Til Enicinitas
  10. Not Your Dad's Indie Band
  11. Carlisle Station, 2am
  12. Hugs 'n Shrugs
  13. Term Paper Tragedy
  14. Feelingsboy
  15. Obligatory Shout-Out
  16. Don Juan Deluded
  17. The Special Sadness of Air Travel
  18. Holden Caulfield is My Homeboy
  19. Suburban Symphony
  20. Coriander
  21. Angst A Million