Like many families, the Fogs are movie lovers. So when everyone is in one place for Christmas, and we need to express something, we turn to the following:
  1. "Did any of you guys even *watch* the show?!"
    Sam Rockwell, Galaxy Quest. Used to express incredulity when a family member asks a really obvious question
  2. "Cool story, Hansel"
    Ben Stiller, Zoolander. Used in response to a meandering story. Sometimes a cool story, too, but you have to clarify afterwards that you were being sincere
  3. "You're f***ing high!!!"
    Will Ferrell, Step Brothers. Someone says something ridiculous
  4. "I don't know and I don't caaaaaaaaare"
    Jim Carrey, Dumb & Dumber. Self-explanatory. Realizing the Fogs should be less acerbic to one another
  5. "Zang!"
    Mike Meyers, Wayne's World. Cool!
  6. "You heard me, Coltrane"
    Gene Hackman, The Royal Tenenbaums. My family is all-white so this line's maybe a little iffy; just know it's mostly my dad lobbing this one
  7. "SANTAAAA!!! I *know* him!"
    Will Ferrell, Elf. This one's an easy layup around the holidays but you can also use it just pointing out someone you see around town, like your 11th grade prom date or an old babysitter
  8. "O, R they?!"
    Jason Schwartzman, Rushmore. Another good all-purpose line
  9. "My boy's a box! Damn you! Damn you!"
    Homer Simpson, The Simpsons. Not a movie line per se, and one that's pretty limited in terms of usage, but I don't think we've ever spent a Christmas without it