There are so many good videos out there it's really hard to pick. But, here are some that have made an impact on how I think about and design WLANs.
  1. 802.11ac & WiFi Radio Fundamentals
    Eric Johnson from Aruba explains changes with 11ac, and how beam forming works —-
  2. Antenna Fundamentals 1: Propagation
    FANTASTIC videos for understanding antennas and how they work. These videos prove that just because something is old doesn't mean it has no value. —-
  3. Antenna Fundamentals 2: Directivity
  4. Antenna Fundamentals 3: Bandwidth
  5. Capacity Planning for Corporate Environments
    @RevolutionWifi (Andrew Von Nagy)
  6. Designing for Very High Density
    Chuck Lukaszewski from Aruba on Levis Stadium.
  7. Enterprise WLAN Behavior of Mobile Clients
    By Aruba's Peter Thornycoft —-
  8. Finding Your Cell Edge
    Jerome Henry from Cisco how and why devices roam.
  9. Integrity and the WLAN Profession
    @SamuelClements calls us to task—
  10. Mobile Device Roaming Behaviors and Client Troubleshooting Best Practices
    George Stefanick (@Orthos) —-
  11. Next Gen WiFi (802.11ax)
    Chuck Lukaszewski blowing minds... again. —-
  12. Specifying the Spec
    Peter Mackenzie (@MackenzieWiFi) on the importance of understanding what the specs for your design mean. —-
  13. Understanding 802.11ac MU-MIMO
    Jerome Henry explains MU-MIMO in a very coherent way. —-