Pretty self-explanatory, really. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. 5GHz Frequency Allocations
  2. 802.11 Arbitration
    from @CWNP —- if you fancy yourself a WLAN pro and don't understand this I feel bad fo ya, Son. You got more than 99 problems and this the biggest one. —-
  3. 802.11 Cheat Sheet
    By @PacketLife —- You should check out the rest of his cheat sheets. They're awesome! —-
  4. Common RF Coax Connectors
  5. RF Power Values
  6. Seven Rules for Accurate Site Surveys
  7. Very High Density 802.11ac Networks Validated Reference Design
  8. Wi-Fi Channel Simulator
    By @RickMurphyWiTS — very cool dynamic visualization tools of 2.4 and 5 GHz channels. —-
  9. Wi-Fi Infographic: Critical Aspects, Tips and Tricks for WLAN Design
  10. Wi-Fi SNR to MCS Data Rate Mapping Reference
  11. Wireshark: Most Common 802.11 Display Filters
    @VergesFrancois took the time to make this great cheat sheet for WiFi pcap filters —-