I have been dragging my feet getting into the spirit the past several years.
  1. Started several years ago after my mom passed.
    She really loved Christmas.
  2. She taught me everything in her cookie baking arsenal.
    We filled tins with all kinds of cookies, a special one ( for my dad) being cheese- dusted with paprika.
  3. Huge monster Christmas trees every year.
    Totally groaning under many lights and special ornaments.
  4. Too many presents under the tree.
    She was famous for going all out. It was always a riot of paper Christmas morning.
  5. I suppose after she died something in me has a hard time doing all this without her.
    Which I know is wrong and she wouldn't want this.
  6. It can be difficult to hear the true meaning of Christmas sometimes
    Through the constant roar of commercialism.
  7. Feeling a little less grinchy getting this out there.