Taking the dog for a walk sounds simple enough. Once we are out there, it's apparent something else is in charge, however.
  1. I grab his fierce looking spikey collar; all the tags jingle and he perks up.
    Anticipation! What's on the trail today?
  2. Snap on his harness and leash, grab a handful of poo bags....
    We're off! Literally rocketing out the door.
  3. Angel races for the road. Dog on a mission.
    So far so good, getting warmed up, this is looking to be the exercise I have been craving....and then....
  4. screeching halt!
    Circling, burrowing through the piles of leaves, back up, back up, the nose hard at work.
  5. Collecting unseen data, inhale/exhale.
    There are messages everywhere. Some old (he knows), some fresh (wait!what?).
  6. His nose is a muzzle to behold!
    Angels sense of smell is more than 100 times more sensitive than mine.
  7. As I shift uncomfortably back and forth on my feet I feel a sense of inadequacy.
    Angel looks at me pityingly (or is it my imagination?).
  8. I encourage him to get back to work.
    It's his walk, after all.