Heading To The Beach For Last Summer Fling 2017

Celebrating my BFF's 61st in grand style.
  1. Girls Road Trip! Nothing better!
    *Last year we indulged in a lovely visit to the last of the grand old hotels in the Poconos, Skytop.
  2. This year we are heading to one of my favorite places on the Delaware coast,
    Lewes is always a welcome oasis just far enough away from the crazy crowds.
  3. After a fortifying breakfast of sticky buns, we will search for sea glass.
    Pints of beer to follow at quaint pubs on the water.
  4. Day 2: 12:30 departure for Cape May
    I haven't been on the ferry in many years. It's such a nice voyage!
  5. We go from one cute as heck seaside town to another!
    Having a day to explore the cool shops sure sounds good to me.
  6. Dogfish Inn in Lewes, DE got it going on.
  7. This was pretty good stuff. Also, "Sea Glass".
  8. 2 ferries passing each other. Heading for Cape May.
    The Wednesday afternoon trip. Hooked up with pals and spent a rough night in some "motor court Inn".
  9. Couldn't wait to get back to Lewes and the fabulous DogFish Inn
    8:00 AM departure.
  10. Picked up a friendly baby preying mantis on our beach glass stroll.
  11. This horseshoe crab has a lot of passengers.
    Sadly, this is the end of the ride for all those mollusks.
  12. At first glance I thought Santa was on the lifeguard stand.
    Just the lifeguard in red sweats. There was a chill wind blowing.
  13. Admired the hero planter at a local brewery.
    Lunch made me feel 💯 along with a pint of brown ale!
  14. Visited the Lewes Library- it's big and new and beautiful!
    Couldn't resist buying a vintage book from my childhood at their "store". Anything for the cause!
  15. So. One piece of sea glass. Not such a great haul.
    High tide(not optimal). Oh well, that's the way it rolls sometimes. I was walking in the waves and stirring up the sand. Very happy.
  16. My eclectic bathroom art and toiletries. I could easily live here and forget about life for a while.
    Really- one can't go wrong with "Who Gives A Crap" toilet paper, a bottle of Poopourie and a spritz of Jo Malones Lime Basil and Mandarin cologne????
  17. I think a little nap is in order.
  18. The Canal by night.
  19. The ocean by morning.