Riding out the current and ending up farther down the beach, I am adding my name in the sand.
  1. I was named after no one.
    My parents liked the name is all. There was no famous person of the day that I could point at or refer to for guidance.
  2. My parents spelled Terry with a "Y"
    And thus started the slight rift: The "Y" at the end signifying a "boys" name. Me, being a girl, accepted the challenge for rebellion (setting the stage for future social upheavals)!
  3. Not Theresa.
    How many times was I called upon in school as Theresa? There were many teachers who felt they needed to refer to me by my formal name. Terry was a derivative and ignored (perhaps further setting the stage? Is this some underlying factor for future counseling with a therapist?)!
  4. My name made for an interesting nickname.
    Captain Kangaroo, THE children's tv show at the time, presented an animated series called "Tom Terrific". Created by the "Terrytoons" studio...ok, you get it.
  5. When I was a little kid it made me mad to be called this.
    As I got older not so much.
  6. To this day, there are a few near and dear people who call me Terrytoons.
    Or "Toons".
  7. In the end, no therapy needed.