Migration Time At The Knob

We like hiking in mid-September to high places. Why? Prime time for migratory birds!
  1. Bake Oven Knob in PA is a wonderful place to view raptors as they drift the thermals and updrafts heading south.
  2. Eagles and vultures are in for the long haul.
    With their broad wings, they can soar along covering up to 300 miles a day!
  3. Armed with sturdy boots for rock scrambling and binoculars, it was a perfect day to look for these awesome birds.
  4. Oh, and a picnic lunch (plus trash bag to Pack Out)!
  5. The list of the day:
  6. 2 Sharp-shinned hawks
  7. 1 Broad-winged hawk
  8. 1 Bald Eagle
  9. Have fun bird watching and remember-Pack Out what you take in!