Requested by @megbarrett Do you often wonder, as I do, if 🐜 are such busy creatures, why do they always end up at a picnic?
  1. From the French:"Pique Nique"
    Defined as a meal taken outdoors, picnics can be elaborate or very simple. I like a combination of both!
  2. Curiouser and curiouser!
    I might include a favorite folding camp chair if the ground is questionable (wet, rocky, etc).
  3. Most times a sturdy table cloth is enough to lounge on. Small throw rugs have been known to appear in my arsenal of seating "al fresco".
  4. I use a variety of food containers packed for the excursion:
  5. My big cooler is easily stowed in the trunk with drinks and snacks. Interstate rest stops often have shady tables for a break from highway hypnosis.
  6. Feeling romantic, I might be packing my iconic wooden basket (a la Longaberger).
    Destination: under a tree, beside a waterfall with my sweetheart. I will include cloth napkins or a pretty tea towel, tins of interesting nibbles, light plastic plates, a thermos of tea, you get the gist.
  7. So, onto the food! There are rules! It must:
    Be made in advance. Travel well. Nothing messy or soggy. Eaten by hand, or with very little cutlery. Nothing crushable.
  8. Doesn't matter what the circumstances are for this meal, as long as you are prepared for the elements and have something yummy stashed for later, everything tastes better outdoors!
  9. When the party is over:
  10. Gotta have a trash bag for cleanup!!! Don't forget the damp wipes in a ziplock bag- especially nice for sweeping away all evidence of picnicking!
  11. Lastly, Altoids, anyone, for minty fresh breath?