I hope I to accomplish a few things before winter sets in.
  1. The end of the summer gives me pause for a new round of activities.
    Before digging out the sweaters and long pants, serious footwear and jackets, I feel the weight of winter and a sense of melancholy.
  2. There is an anticipation of vibrant color with autumns arrival that thrills me.
    Trees showing their last hurrah, I try and capture the moment with my camera.
  3. There are music and arts festivals that I attend. My yearly rituals bring me joy.
    When I reflect on how many years I have gone back to these events I know how lucky I am. Here to relive the story and celebrate another round. Here to dance. Here to sing.
  4. Old friends. Laughing at silly jokes. Sharing rituals.
    Wondering....Will there be a good crop of pumpkins this year?
  5. One can only hope.