Requested by @Melodie
  1. Late this afternoon I went into the post office. The place was deserted- Friday evening is not peak postal hours so the joint was deadsville.
    I am waiting on a book I ordered and hoped it was in a key box and I would not have to wait till tomorrow morning and collect it at the window.
  2. Here is what I found:
    ...what the heck?????
  3. Well.
  4. I had read a list a couple weeks ago by @Melodie who was handing out JOY to anyone needing a little more happiness in their life!
    I gave her my address!
  5. I forgot about it and continued on my merry , if not a tad repetitious, life.
    Usually the post office box yields the odd bit of junk mail and the inevitable bills, but today....
  6. This little package spilled forth an amazing hand made gift...
  7. that kept opening up into more and more surprises ....
    which I almost cried over it was so beautiful!
  8. A tiny envelope had a card with List Requests on it.
  9. There is a cool magnet for my fridge...
  10. But best of all there was a letter from Melodie that melted my heart.
  11. Such a sweet surprise from a fellow Li.ster!
  12. Thank you SO much, Melodie! 😘
    You have made my day!