Thoughts On Recent Update 3/2017

Regarding my recent list: When You Change Your Usual Place In Class", this is a continuing reflection on having to change your expectations.
  1. Just wondering if this update didn't shake me out of my list stagnancy. Perhaps something good has come out of it.
    I suddenly was dealing with drafts that were idling in a no-write zone.
  2. Some listers complained they had hundreds of draft lists.
    I only had several. Some were in a weird calendar glitch- seasonal or date-sensitive that I thought oh just wait till they come around then I will post.
  3. So I decided to deal with these list orphans.
    A couple will be abandoned. A couple were posted (it's a miracle!).
  4. Meanwhile, lists are being posted by panicking fellow listers fast & furious:
    How horrible this new update is. How unreasonable. Disrespectful. Uncompromising.
  5. Ah well.
    From the moment I committed myself to the stuff of ONLINE, the more I have changed and adapted.
  6. This is where I depart from the pack.
    I am not abandoning this forum. I just can't waste valuable energy griping about injustices.
  7. There are some people here who constantly amaze and delight me with their enviable lists.
    I can't believe I have stumbled onto this treasure trove of smart, funny and imaginative characters.
  8. I can't bear to give this up.
    Not yet.