Inspired by @andersun I appreciate all the great suggestions people are Li.sting about and I have explored some of these parks. I heartily agree the west has spectacular attractions. Now it's time to give the east side of the country it's due...
  1. Mammoth Cave National Park
    I wondered what Kentucky might offer me as a tourist. Ha! Only the most wondrous underground labyrinth of awesomeness! More than 400 miles of the world's longest known cave system. A must visit for any spelunkers out there!!!
  2. Acadia National Park
    One of the most visited parks in all of North America. Hiking, kayaking, swimming, biking, birding, camping are all activities I love, and plan to do some this August!
  3. Biscayne National Park
    The largest marine park in the national park system! 95% of this park is underwater so bring your bathing suit! I did some scuba diving here as well as exploring the mangrove shorelines.