What I Have Been Into Lately

The hottest summer on record, 2016.
  1. Cold brewed coffee
  2. Looking for the next book I am going to read.
    Scored a pile at the used book sale local library. They are stacked on the back porch, soon to come in when the weather changes.
  3. De-cluttering and recycling.
    After loading the car FULL of heavy junk and trekking to the scrap yard, I came away with about 20 bucks, which was more than I expected. Plus, I cleared out more space in the garage which was refreshing.
  4. Campfires in the back yard.
    It's been a Jiffy Pop kind of summer. One of my friends didn't know about Jiffy Pop. Really? How interesting and a little sad.
  5. Weeding.
    This is a never ending circle. They grow faster than I can pick 'em.
  6. Spending as much time as I can with my friend who is soon moving away.
    Time sure flies when you get closer to wrapping up a phase of ones life. Packing up her little house has been a few years process now- is this really the end? Not looking forward to saying goodbye.