Wide Awake In Geauga County

This place is having some crazy weather!
  1. I have sleep issues.
    Basically, I don't. Sleep.
  2. Somewhere along the line I started being wide awake when I should have been snoozing.
    A few nights of that can really screw up a schedule.
  3. So going to bed has become a crap shoot.
    Will I conk out or no?
  4. Last night after the long haul out here I was tired.
    Happily, I had a decent night. Even bragged a little today about it.
  5. Anyway, this morning's snow turned to this afternoon's sleet turned to tonight's rain.
    Turned to high winds.
  6. Like Dorothy riding in the old farmhouse,
    I am huddled under a window waiting to make a safe landing.
  7. The dog is restless, pinning my legs.
    He always takes the middle of the bed!
  8. He must be Toto in my crazy awake-dream.