Ok so the Poconos are cloaked in winter finery and my tastes are turning towards a heartier brew. You can keep those IPA's, gimme something I can sink my teeth into! Here's what I have been toasting the holidays with. Cheers!
  1. Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout
    This is the one that started it all for me. Always a good bet with loads of chocolate, first in the nose than on the finish. Used to be my ol' standby.
  2. Dominion Brewing from Dover, DE.
    Baltic Porter Winter Brew. Holy cow! Licorice, toffee and of course the all important Chocolate. Who needs a Godiva Bar? Not me when I poured this!
  3. Founders Breakfast Stout
    Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal. Some of you might remember my "inspiring coffee cup" list? I use this coffee cup to swill my holiday beers. Some might , at a glance, think I am drinking a lot of black coffee lately. Surprise! I'm not....
  4. Dogfish Head Brewery Beer For Breakfast Stout.
    I think they were following Founders lead. The addition of scrapple plus coffee and maple syrup and more coffee added after fermentation? Crazy! I didn't get the scrapple or even a strong nose. Funny but there ya are ....
  5. 10Barrel Brewing. Pray For Snow
    From Bend, OR- I was there once! Malty, smooth and a little creamy. A solid Winter Warmer full of caramel.
  6. Heavy Seas Winter Storm
    Imperial ESB. Yikes this is lovely. Also, this company contributes to CleanWater.org. Can't Brew with dirty water, right?
  7. Genesee Brew House
    Winter Warmer. Very nice. Genesee? Really? I used to snitch an occasional Cream Ale from my dad's garage beer fridge. Memories!
  8. Genesee Brew House. Again. Wow!
    Pilot batch Salted Caramel Chocolate Porter. All I can say is: Awesomeness in a bottle!!! Please, Santa, bring me a case?
  9. Are there any adventurous beer drinkers out there with winter brews to suggest?
    Feel free to add your favorites!