Thanks @theranman ! I'll let you know if I muster up the courage to stay home a day 👍
  1. $100 for a perfect guess in Contestant's Row
    Do they still get a crisp $100 bill from the pocket of the host? I hope so. There's something misogynistic about it, but also satisfying in that 70s kind of way...
  2. The person picked first who never wins on Contestant row wins Contestant row finally
    It kills me to see this terrifyingly excited person continue to maintain such heroic adrenaline levels without a payoff. When they do finally win, I like to see them go all the way to showcase yeah!
  3. Plinko
    The best, #1, most funnest game ever on TPIR. A classic game of chance and skill.
  4. Cliffhangers
    Who doesn't like a yodeler? Or winning cars?
  5. One Away
    "Gentlemen..." Again, the misogyny, but I guess I revert back to my youth of understanding, which was baloney sandwiches in front of the console TV and none of this reality stuff I would be confronted with some short years later...
  6. $1.00 win on the wheel
    You gotta be proud. But it sorta stinks if it's the second person who wins because the first person they beat just kind of walks off to the side and doesn't get much fanfare for playing the game and being a good sport.
  7. Double Showcase Showdown Win!
    There was a rumor a local guy won this and that there was an RV and a new car and trailer parked outside his house on Meade St. We were going to bike there to check it out, but it always seemed too far to go in the end.
  8. Bob Barker
    I have lots of love and respect for Drew Carey, but man I miss Bob and his misogyny.