Inspired by @nathanveshecco, who requested that I share a piece of my childhood, which got me to thinking that Barbies were a huge part of my playtime even though my favorite toy was a dump truck. Sorry, @nathanveshecco, I'm not sure if you can relate to this list, but please let me thank you for the inspiration and your original request!
  1. Crystal Barbie and Peaches & Creme Barbie
    These ladies are fabulous, just look at them. They're ready for anything. I was fascinated by the iridescent boa and dress of Crystal, and I was mesmerized by the color and texture of Peaches. To me, Barbie was all about fashion and these two were it for me. Smashing!
  2. Day to Night Barbie
    Her suit was velvet and I remember thinking, 'Well yeah of course I'll have a pink suit like this at my business job', but I never liked the hat. I didn't think the hat worked. All in all she was a fun gal with a smart look.
  3. Southern Barbie
    I'm not sure if that's what she was called, but I liked the choker and the intricacy of the lace. I was learning to appreciate the art of the thread, albeit a very humble and limited fashion education through Miss Barbie's attire.
  4. The house
    The most fun thing about this house was the French doors. My sister and I made our Barbies prance through those doors to meet Ken or hop in her car or just show off her fancy get ups!
  5. Working It Out
    It was tricky to get her feet into the bicycle pedals, but once that happened, she was on her way to staying taught and toned! My sis and I Mousercised, but Barbie was getting it done with this state of the art equipment.
  6. In the Kitchen
    Mostly obsessed with getting the wine glasses into their little slots. And putting the leaves of the portable table up and down. An important set of pieces for a complete Barbie life, for sure.
  7. Hanging Out on the Porch
    Barbie did a lot of lounging. Especially when we had to go downstairs to eat bologna and cheese sandwiches and watch The Love Boat, or if we had to go run an errand down the street and get gum and candy and cigarettes for mom.