I've bought one new Christmas album a year for a number of years now, so I have somewhat of a collection. This year was Kelly Clarkson's, which I loved, but can't quite compare to my top few...
  1. Sting
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    This album has edged out my usual No. 1, which is now my No. 2, which is still quite respectful. I decided this was first because I could listen to it any day of the year, and it's absolutely a piece of art.
  2. Jewel
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    She's a yodeler. And she's a damn good singer. And her rendition of Rudolph is adorbs. This album just drips Christmas and I'm pretty sure you can see the shining light of Jesus when she sings Ave Maria. I remember I had it on one day as I went through the McDonald's DT and pulled up in tears to fetch my hot cakes and sausage. True story.
  3. The Nutcraker
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    It's not Christmas until The Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy is blasted in the kitchen while making cookies
  4. Sarah McLachlan
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    Her duet with the Barenaked Ladies is one of my favorites. Like one of my favorites songs EVER, all year round. Also, she's so f-ing endearing how could you not.
  5. Kelly Clarkson
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    Kelly can't ever do wrong, whether she's pop, country, or rock. She's prolific and iconic and I'll be a fan forever.
  6. Celtic music
    Any and all. It's all kinda Christmas-y and belongs in the mix throughout the season. Nollaig Shona!
  7. New Orleans Christmas
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    Adds some spice, feels a little bad, is utterly happy and uplifting...
  8. Barenaked Ladies
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    I'm pretty sure they're Jewish, which makes this album sillier and more brilliant. At the end of the day, they know how to sing, play their instruments, and have a jolly good time.
  9. Mariah
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    She's always in her own category of glory, so putting her last does not mean she's least. Mimi saves Christmas each and every year and it wouldn't ever be the same without her.