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We call ourselves a Tribe. We bring food and talk about our CDFs* and set intentions for the next 30 days 🔮. It's like a beer club or fantasy football I guess, except we have crystals and sage.
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    Originally there were four of us, and we've added two more. Each of us has discovered, or is discovering our own earthly talents - my bestie is a medium (dead people talk to her, here's pic of us), her brother and I read cards purty good, my sis seems to be a catalyst & is sharply intuitive, my other pal is a Reiki Master, as am I, and our newest has many talents especially with stones and dreams...
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    *CDFs are Core Desire Feelings, coined by Firestarter Ms. Danielle LaPorte, a self-help lady we decided would lead us through our New Year two years ago in a fun productive way. We went through her book together and have kept up tribal meetings ever since!
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    I make quiche, the two healthy people make healthy stuff and someone buys doughnuts. We break often for food and water and maybe a mimosa or two.
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    I usually lead the things and have an inspirational story or quote and then facilitate some questions for peeps to ponder and jot down and share to get the juices going. Once a common theme is found, we read cards, hold stones and record what comes up.
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    What comes up
    Usually some deep stuff. My bestie the medium gives interesting insight and we all get lovely Reiki vibes going around everything.
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    Full Moon
    If it's the Full Moon we remind ourselves to leave our Divine things in the moonlight to clear. We make sure we have set intentions and goals relating to our CDFs and disperse, using the Moon's fullness to help us carry it all to fruition!