Inspired by @meg1 and @drugs . I did this a bit differently. See #6.
  1. Quiet
    Yes, yep I am
  2. Capable
    Sure, sure
  3. Tall
    5'10, great feature for a shy gal
  4. Blonde
    Thank you, I'm not, really, anymore
  5. Personable
    This term is strange - shouldn't everyone be able to be a person? Anyway, I'm an extrovert when the situation calls for it. So yeah, I can get out there with the best of them when needed.
  6. Strange dry inconsistent sense of humor
    I'll choose when to joke if I trust that you won't take me seriously. But most people take me seriously because I'm quiet and capable. And tall.
  7. Smart
    I feel I'm intelligent and not smart, but the people calling me smart aren't usually intelligent, so it's a lost cause. I scored very low on my SATs but wrote a hell of an essay. I got kicked out of the gifted class when I was eight but was reading Susan Sontag when I was 12. That kind of thing.
  8. A hard worker
    I was called this two weeks ago while shoveling snow after the blizzard.
  9. Nice
    My crush from 8th to 11th grade, whom with I'd never had a conversation, said I was nice. He was captain of the golf team and is now a lawyer. I guess that's ok.