1. My half sister's dad is the basis for the Kramer character on Seinfield
    Not kidding. He never had a 'real' job and at one point made us little light-up earrings and told us to sell them to our friends. Here's his site:
  2. Neko Case totally tweeted back at me on the way to her concert in Philly
  3. There's a population of people who think I might be at least acquainted with Hillary Clinton because my name, in fact, is Hillary. I'm ok with this.
  4. I met Mr. Pruitt from Adventures in Babysitting. When he shook my hand he said, 'You kids must be from the suburbs'. Still one of the highlights of my life.
  5. My dad and hus bought my sister and I VIP tickets to the last Madonna concert for our birthday and we sat way up front and got this cool book in the mail. I cried.