Not a bucket list
  1. Live in New Mexico
  2. Do an Englishman
  3. Sleep in the woods smelling the soil
  4. Apply for the summer at Naropa's Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics
  5. Write poetry
  6. Write short stories
  7. Write
  8. Buy a building
  9. Live in a loft and have no rooms
  10. Own only black jersey clothing and jeans
  11. Own more turquoise
  12. Have cats around me
  13. Kiss everyone
  14. Dance anywhere
  15. Eat food blessed by my late guru
  16. Do my kind of yoga at 5am
  17. Be a spiritual advisor
  18. Work 5am-2pm
  19. Sleep
  20. Own my vocation
  21. Drive away
  22. Swim
  23. Respectfully fear the ocean but hang out in her anyway
  24. Be in Europe
  25. Feel Africa
  26. Sleep with a Spaniard
  27. Experience India
  28. See actual flamenco dancers in Spain
  29. Read
  30. Lay in cool sheets
  31. Cut and color my hair red
  32. Wear black nail polish
  33. Be fit like with veins sort of pushing my skin up
  34. See my friends
  35. Be with my family
  36. Know