Inspired by @mindy and also reminded me of a line from Hot Fuzz, one of the best movies ever.
  1. Some Hot Fuzz clips for those who haven't had the pleasure:
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  2. Wake on my own and not by violent purrs
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  3. Brush teeth, throw on jeans and sweatshirt and flip flops (no matter the season), hop in car and go to local bagel shop for the two most important breakfast items
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    #1 Toasted garlic bagel with plain cream cheese and strawberry jelly #2 The NYTs.
  4. Read all the news that's fit to print and eat the best bagel ever
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  5. Whilst the tv plays a home show, preferably This Old House or Hometime.
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  6. Finish the NYTs and start in on organizing the many piles of stuff I've created over the week
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    Papers to be filed, things to read, ideas to connect, clothes to put away, books to categorize...I can't stress enough how this act helps me connect and stay sane.
  7. Pin some meal ideas for the week
    I have a lot of pins. Like, a lot. I'm not sure if I have a problem, but I'm ok if I do. For an overactive brain like mind, Pinterest has been a useful tool to help quell the synapses and neurons from a Mach speed to a nice cruise.
  8. Take a shower and smell like soap everywhere
  9. Go grocery shopping
    I actually like doing this as long as I'm by myself. It's an active form of people-watching.
  10. Home to snuggle with the hus and kitten if they're up for it
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    They usually are
  11. Maybe hang with the sis and/or some pals and get Schell's
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    A local hot spot that has a mini golf course AND an ice cream shop on its premises. I'm not 100%, but the American dream may have been born here...
  12. Couch it with the hus and kitten again and watch a movie and then call it a night
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    That's some full-circle quality List App stuff right there!