No one knows these are my hobbies, except of course for you right now...
  1. 'Theory' of Atlantis
    I've read stuff, own books and maps, and have logged quite a bit of Ancient Alien and History Channel hours
  2. Copy editor for The New York Times and my local paper
    I don't get paid or anything, but I add commas, fix spelling errors and basically rewrite everything sometimes.
  3. Cookie taster
    Someone has to do it, so I do it.
  4. Urban planner
    I have ideas about what to put when where and how in my town and yours.
  5. Customer Service Secret Shopper
    I rank your service, but if you're generally nice or are stylish, I'll give you a pass...
  6. No hours-logged unlicensed pilot
    I've never flown, but it's a dream of mine. I'm keeping it alive.