May or may not have to do with the recent Full Moon, New Year, or the fed-up-ness of being 36
  1. I don't like office attire
    I've never 'fit' into a blazer that 'fit'. I look like a person who is wearing one because she was told, i.e., it wears me.
  2. All the bad stuff that happens happens because all of the good stuff
    There needs to be a balance in our plane of existence, so if ISIS exists, so do chocolate chip cookies and cats.
  3. I might have ADHD
    I don't want to annoy those who have been diagnosed, and I don't want to discount my behaviors, but...yeah, there's been a rough patch.
  4. I'm over scheduled and that's ok...?
    I write everything down or it will spill out of my brain. I say yes to a lot, probably to too much. I've been told to relax and create time for myself, but when I do that, I end up just doing more things. It's better for me to have things to go to so I can exhaust myself. Then sleep comes.
  5. I'm transitioning out of a career again
    I once heard that my generation will have 7 or more careers in our lifetimes. I've had two so far, and I feel I'm at the end of this current one and heading into a new one.
  6. I won't ever be single again
    And that's awesome. My partner hubs person just sent me this I mean, isn't that all we need in life? Someone to send us slow sloth videos?