One of these may not be 'sports', but I admire the athleticism involved.
  1. Tennis
    Circa 1991-2002 preferably
  2. Skiing
    Slalom and racing rock. I can feel the wind in my hair as I sit on the couch in blankets!
  3. American Ninja Warrior
    An everyman's competition. Ok I'm kidding, it's really just for hot rock climbers. I'm in!
  4. Cross fit Games
    For women. These women are scary looking, BUT, are sweet as pie and have goals, man, GOALS!
  5. Olympics
    Just figure skating, skiing, and of course curling. Maaaybe swimming if there's a story about someone, and maaaybe track if I'm not too exhausted.
  6. Marching band
    I'll make you a fan. Foot rolling and keeping time AND memorizing 18 pages of music whilst exhaling air into a metal contraption? Athletics. ATHLETICS!