If you're not a cat person, this stuff will sound bat-crazy-ish, but if you are a cat person, you've found a home with me.
  1. 3am
    He gets me up around 3am every morning by purring. I'm a light sleeper, so I wake up and we go downstairs first for some food, and then up the back steps to the bathroom, where I run the faucet for him. We do this pretty much every day. Then we go back to sleep until he wakes up with my hus about an hour and a half later while I keep sleeping.
  2. I open this door
    He doesn't like closed doors. He'll walk over to the first floor closet door and just stare at me. So I get up from what I'm doing and go over, open the door so he can go in and check it out, wait for him to prance out satisfied, and close the door again.
  3. Treats at 3:30pm
    When Steve gets home they have a whole routine, but regardless of who's there to do it, treats are at 3:30pm. He knows to scratch his post and look at us lovingly, and then he gets his little green squares of delight.
  4. A kiss goodbye
    It kills me, but he sits in the window when I leave in the morning. Before I step off the porch, I blow him a kiss in the window and I truly believe he catches it with his dear little heart.
  5. Never moving at night
    Oh never ever, almost never. He'll sit half on my leg to start and then on my feet for most of the night. So, there's no real movement of my body in bed.