1. 8am
    Start of self-inflicted shame spiral based on work situations I've decided to take personally
  2. 10am
    Things start to pile up as the work day does, and I start to freak out as I'm already emotionally spent
  3. 1:30pm, or an hour over my lunch and now no possible opportunity to eat because of the pile of work ahead
    Bring all scraps of food items into office to nibble at while typing and responding, typing and responding
  4. 3pm
    Another trip through the shame spiral: there are things I'm not doing right, I could be doing more, these things I have done are all wrong, etc, etc
  5. 5pm
    So outtie, literally cat-a-tonic (I'm so sorry)
  6. Where we are at right now
  7. And hoping to end scene on a kick-ass self appreciating note!