1. I just read @eatthelove 's clear, informative and approachable guide to @list
  2. I had wanted to request a list for @nathanveshecco , who I had just received my first requested list from
    I sought to return the favor and be a good Lister, but my social media intuit couldn't figure out how to do this, so I Googled it and up came to @eatthelove 's article!
  3. And I felt the love of this community that everyone is always talking about
    I've been an occasional Lister, and have tried to get others involved, but am kind of liking that only certain people get hooked
  4. And didn't feel bad anymore about probably aging out of social media
    Thanks @bjnovak for including my generation - of hey I grew up with a rotary phone and resisted cell phones and texting for an inordinate amount of time until I begrudgingly jumped on the wagon and now all I do is text and Tweet and 'Gram and List yo - into the social media fold
  5. So now I'm going to find @eatthelove and @nathanveshecco on all social media and support them because Love