Apparently I resort to being 11 when left on my own.
  1. Sleep in
    Probs till like 8am, or whenever the cat got me up again.
  2. Eat cereal
    Eating cereal for breakfast has turned into this exception held for weekends only in my adult world. I'm not sure how I created this norm, but it now exists.
  3. Watch The Love Boat and The Price is Right
    Who doesn't watch TPIR when they're home from work? Also, TLB is my cat's favorite.
  4. Poem
    I'm hoping that went over as a verb. I have a fantasy that I would write for a few hours if I were home alone, but sometimes I'm so indulgent in my time that I forget and couch instead. There, two nouns as verbs.
  5. Eat the best lunch ever
    PB&J with chips and a bubbly soft drink over ice. Because I'm still 11 in my heart.
  6. Shower
    I get myself clean in order to feel like I'm not wasting my day. I might read a bit after getting squeaky, while switching to HGTV or the Food Network.
  7. Welcome the hubs home
    He gets home like around 3pm, which is cat treat time, so the household gets pretty excited.
  8. Dine
    Any night with the hubs is blissful and nice, so if we go out, pick something up, or meet friends, I'm down.
  9. Read, sleep
    Read and possibly finish one of my many nightstand books and fall asleep delightfully, fully rested and deep with gratitude...