1. Skyfall
    I thought I was watching Spectre, the newest Bond installment, but it was Skyfall, and I was throughly entertained.
  2. TPIR Showcase Showdown
    See List 8 THINGS I WANT TO SEE ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT IF I SAW IT BECAUSE I STAYED HOME FOR ONE DAY .It's always important to make sure you see at least some part of the show on your sick day. I rushed home from the doc's to catch the last wheel and Showdown.
  3. Chrissly Knows Best
    My thoughts are still accented after watching the whole first season and part of the second On Demand. I'm following the whole family on Instagram now.
  4. MI 5: Ghost Protocol
    How can a modern movie with Tom Cruise seem so outdated? Well, it does and it is, but I still love me some Mission Impossible.
  5. Better Call Saul
    Our new show we watch together. I'm not minding it. So far not too much violence or darkness, just good, solid characters.